What We Do at Surge Universal:

Surge Universal delivers Relationships – we have an extensive and established database of merchant contacts across all channels of distribution an an enormous network of US services to draw upon. We accelerate the speed-to-market process of new products to the US Market through our knowledge of channel specific variable and expertise across the full spectrum of brand assessment, strategy, communication, operations and management.


We give meaning to your product to differentiate it from other brands so that it will stand out and people will choose your product to buy. Our branding strategy will also ensure retailer support.

Marketing & Sales Consulting

We stay on top of all the beauty trends so your product will be marketed successfully.We will launch videos, magazines & commericals and plan lunch-ins with beauty editors.

Social Media & Public Relations

Create PowerPoint presentations and set up all social media platforms and launch a new website to engage people and create a buzz for your product.

Product & Business Development

We will determine key product opportunities based on your the long term goals of your brand. We can also help create a new product and bring to market.

Sales & Channel Diversification

Our connections with partners at the different retail levels will make certain there will be significant visibility for your product.

Account Management

Experienced in all phases of new product development, introduction and support. We manage your brand through the whole life cycle and bring it to market.