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Founded in 2007 (although our history and experience go way back), the business began as Surge International, a marketing and sales consulting firm for the beauty industry. Then in 2010, the business was renamed Surge Universal Inc. and expanded into wholesaling for prestige beauty products in alternative channels.

Erez Barak

Erez Barak, Founder and President of Surge Universal, has nearly three decades of experience in the beauty industry. In 2007, Erez utilized his experience in health, beauty, sales, and marketing to open Surge Universal, a full-service International Consultant Agency, where he helped international companies enter the U.S market.

In 2010, Erez expanded his business and became a national distributor, servicing college bookstores across the United States. Prior to starting Surge Universal, in 1988, shortly after arriving from Israel, Erez landed a job as the Director of Marketing with a chain of retail drug stores in New York City called Price Wise. He then took on the role of Vice President of Purchasing for Cosmetic Plus, followed by becoming the VP, Sales and Marketing for Bi-Lo Distributors, Inc.

Vision: To help up-and-coming health and beauty companies Surge in their category!   

Why choose Surge Universal?

  • We are committed to excellence.
  • Our expertise in prospecting and sourcing products.
  • We look for opportunities and solve challenges.
  • We represent the finest, high quality products.
  • Our network is solid, well-connected and expanding.
  • With our marketing acumen, we can take any product, small or big and make it a huge success.
  • We deliver outstanding service with a smile.

Our ultimate mission is to make our clients happy, and profitable of course.