A Triple Threat: Distributor…Source Agent….Consultant

Distribution of Beauty Products

Our goal is to ensure seamless, cost efficient and effective movement of products into national and international specialty channels; including, but not limited to: salons, online beauty stores, beauty centers in college bookstores, beauty schools, hospital gift shops, government-run employee and military sites.

We distribute internationally in countries around the world and we are always looking to bring abroad new prestige lines.

Whether it’s a new product launch, an established line, or products earmarked as obsolete/excess inventory for close-out, we will help you get your products to the appropriate market and get the real estate you need. «Contact us now

Sourcing Beauty Products

Surge Universal is very well connected with key executives within the beauty business around the country and the world. We have the ability to find products and product lines at very attractive prices. «Contact us now

Marketing Consulting

We offer consulting services to build product awareness and sales through savvy sell-through strategies, smart product positioning, eye-catching packaging, high visibility promotions and impactful public relations. «Contact us now